Friday, March 20, 2009


We went and hung out with Babak and Vanessa and welcomed their beautiful new baby Ariana. She is so cute! Vanessa is gonna be such a good mom!

So much hair!

I love how she has enough hair to put a hair clip!

Some of her future buddies!

Eric and Suzanne had their baby recently and we went and hung out with them to welcome the new baby. The dads, as always, just like to have fun when ever possible. The dads from left to right: Nate and Lannaea, Jake and Mickaela, Eric and Daxton.
The moms from left to right: Me, Kamie and Suzanne. It was a fun night!

Growing, growing, growing . . .

Lannaea is growing so much! She will be 4 months next week! wow! She has become very fond of putting items in her mouth. so adorable! We got her a new toy last night. Its a little bouncer called, "Precious Planet." She seems to like it quite a bit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congratulations Mauricio and Jodi for your new baby! Here are all four baby girls posing very cutely for the camera at Sirlei's blessing. My goodness, they are all growing so fast!