Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So it's been a little while since I've updated out blog so I have a lot to catch up on. Lannaea is one year old and growing at the rate of a million miles an hour! She is getting so smart, attentive, interactive, temperamental, dramatic and the list just goes on! :) It's amazing to see how her personality is flourishing and how she is developing traits that resemble both Nate and I. I think she gets the dramatic part from Nate :)

We celebrated her birthday at Grandma Schooley's house and it was a lot of fun to see so many of her little friends playing around. We had a beautiful cake made for her, which turned out delicious and very nicely decorated. By the way, if anyone wants the bakers contact info let me know. We have a new baby sitter and she LOVES it. specially because the lady has two small dogs so its like heaven for her! Yes, she loves dogs... A LOT!
With regards to Nate and I, we are doing very well- both really liking our jobs and being parents. It's amazing how blessings a child brings into your life.
Any how, here are some pictures of Lannaea's birthday and other occasions, including our trip to Texas a few months ago. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Almost a year old!

It has been a while since I last updated this. So here are some updates: Lannaea wil be 1 year old next month and I am so excited to start planning her birthday party! I love planning parties so I am definitely going to enjoy this. We got her ears pierced this past weekend and I did not think she was going to scream that bad! I have decided that for my next daughter I will take her to a place where they numb the area first so that I dont have to watch her suffer so much! :( She also got her first two teeth in and so that's exciting. She seems to not mind not having teeth though because she chews just fine through almost anything.
Now on to the pictures: She has been doing this thing where she puts her index finger in her mouth when she is trying to concentrate on something. It's really cute to watch. She really likes her sippy cup which is nice since I have to wing her off the bottle in about a month so that should be pretty easy. She also doesnt enjoy direct contact on the grass with her bare skin. on that middle picture she is trying so hard not to touch the grass but abviously not succeeding. Instead she looks as if she is practining her stance as a line backer! :) She does enjoy watching football so maybe that is where she she got the idea to stand that way. . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Job

As some of you know, I now have a full time job working in the corporate office for Academy Mortgage. I started on Monday July 6th and I am loving it so far! The only drawback is having to leave my baby girl all day. :( It definitely helps me appreciate the time I spend with her a lot more though! I am, however, very excited about my new job. The people I work with are awesome and the company all around is great. I definitely have to thank my friend Michelle for referring me! Thanks girl!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So as most of you know it was my birthday on the 19th and it was a wonderful birthday for many reasons... #1 I have a wonderful husband whom I love and whom I am so grateful to be married to. #2 I have a beautiful baby girl that is growing 100 mph! #3 I have a wonderful family that cares for me and is there to support me. Last but not least, I have amazing friends that are always there for me and whom I have shared many amazing and fun experiences.

The day started with Nate giving me my birthday presents which were a new blackberry storm phone :), a tinkerbell necklace, a blue topaz bracelet and a diamond journey pendant. He spoiled me so much! I love it! Later that morning my mom dropped off some roses along with a bouquet of balloons. Later on Grandma Schooley babysat for us and we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and ended the night watching, "The Proposal." If you have not seen it I highly recomend it!

On Saturday we went bowling with some friends and afterwards went out for shakes at Iceberg. I think the best part of that was the fruit cake from the bakery! I love that cake! It's a tough call between that one and the Tres Leches cake :) Thanks so much guys!

On Sunday we went over to Grandma Reyes's house and they had a delicious birthday dinner and a Snicker's cake. Yum! My mother game me a way cute black purse and a flower necklace and my sister Angie gave me a headset and a phone cover for my new phone. It was an awesome birthday!

P.S.I just thought I'd throw in a picture of Lannaea "helping" mommy do the laundry. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kisses for Mommy

So last night as I was getting Lannea ready for bed she decided to get all wired up, like she often does to avoid being put to bed. Anyhow, as I was holding her to get ready to feed her she stood up on my lap and leaned into me and gave me a huge hug, followed my a slobbery kiss! It wasn't a full on kiss but instead she just stuck her tongue out and put her mouth against my cheeck in a kissing motion. She did that several times and each time with a huge grin on her face. I then walked upstairs to her room to finish feeding her and as she was sitting on my lap she leaned into my arm and started giving me rasberries! How in the heck!! I ususally give her raberries on her belly as I am changing her diaper but I never thought she would think to do the same thing back to me. I could not stop laughing! I love Lannaea so much and I am so grateful to have her in my life. It's amazing how fast she is growing and learning. She definitely fills Nate's and my life with joy.

First mother's day

After we got back from the Zoo, Nate and I took our mothers out to dinner as their mother's day present. Nate gave me the best mother's day present! A picture key chain that holds up to 60 digital pictures displayed on a slide show mode. I love it! I filled it up with pictures of our family and I look at it all day at work. Thanks Honey!
On Sunday we had dinner at Nate's parents house and we got to talk to Josh (Nate's little borther) who is in Brazil on his mission right now. Here are some cute pictures of Lannaea with the Schooley's.
Pictures from top to bottom: Grandma Schooley and Lannaea, Me and Lannaea, Aunt Pat and Lannaea, Nate, his brother Mike and Trong (a close friend fo ours), Grandma Schooley and Aunt Meghan.

Fun at the zoo!

Sorry its ben a while since I have posted new pictures! It has been kinda crazy lately with me switching jobs and all. Although this posting is a little late I still wanted to put it up. This was our mother's day outing activity. We went to the Zoo with some friends and it seems all of our kids were definitely a bit too young to appreciate the animals. They spent half the time asleep and the other half enteratining themselves with their blankets. But the parents still had fun! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Love

Much to father's dismay, Lannaea seems to already have developed her flirting skills along with her attraction to boys. It may look like he enjoys this, but deep inside he is thinking to himself 'this shouldn't be happening for at least 16 more years!!!' It's either that or these two cute little kids find each other very interesting and just happened to hold hands several times. How cute!!!

Baby and Daddy working at the computer

Mommy thinks it's funny to put baby on his shoulders while he is working "extremely hard" Saturday morning...Lannaea just looks like she is super confused and wants to get down from there as soon as possible!

4 Months old!

Lannaea is 4 months old now!
She had her doctors appointment on March 26th
She is 26" long, 14 lbs, and took the shots like a champ!
She is in the 97th percentile for her heighth and she definitely
doesn't get it from her mom! She is outgrowing her outfits like crazy... she now fits in the 6-9 month clothes!
She can walk, do cartwheels, juggle, do handstands, and
can say a few words like idiosyncratic, discombobulated, and a few
other basic words here and there...ok, not really, but she loves making noises and fluxuates her tones up and down all the time, she is definitely maybe going to be a singer!

Bath time!

Lannaea is getting so big! She looks so cute in her little towel after her bath!

Friday, March 20, 2009


We went and hung out with Babak and Vanessa and welcomed their beautiful new baby Ariana. She is so cute! Vanessa is gonna be such a good mom!

So much hair!

I love how she has enough hair to put a hair clip!

Some of her future buddies!

Eric and Suzanne had their baby recently and we went and hung out with them to welcome the new baby. The dads, as always, just like to have fun when ever possible. The dads from left to right: Nate and Lannaea, Jake and Mickaela, Eric and Daxton.
The moms from left to right: Me, Kamie and Suzanne. It was a fun night!

Growing, growing, growing . . .

Lannaea is growing so much! She will be 4 months next week! wow! She has become very fond of putting items in her mouth. so adorable! We got her a new toy last night. Its a little bouncer called, "Precious Planet." She seems to like it quite a bit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congratulations Mauricio and Jodi for your new baby! Here are all four baby girls posing very cutely for the camera at Sirlei's blessing. My goodness, they are all growing so fast!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here is another picture of Lannaea smiling! She was looking at Daddy! :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nate doing Lannaea's hair AFTER a bath. . . By the look on her face I can't tell whether she likes it or not. . . It's still pretty funny though!

Getting ready for a bath!

We finally caught her smiling and yawning on camera!

Bunny P.J.'s

Here is Lannaea with bunny Pajamas! When we sit her upright she actually notices the little bunnies on her feet and talks to them!

Oh Thank Heaven for little girls!

I thought this picture of her stretching was so adorable!

Monday, January 5, 2009

It was so nice to see Leah over the holidays! We miss you Leah and we can't wait for you to move back to Utah!

We spent Christmas day at Aunt Pat's house. We had a great time and the food was great!
We spent Christmas eve at home with Grandma Reyes, Angie and Matt.

The boys and their new born babies!

From left to right: Jake and Mickaela, Pat and Boston, Nate and Lannaea