Friday, June 5, 2009

First mother's day

After we got back from the Zoo, Nate and I took our mothers out to dinner as their mother's day present. Nate gave me the best mother's day present! A picture key chain that holds up to 60 digital pictures displayed on a slide show mode. I love it! I filled it up with pictures of our family and I look at it all day at work. Thanks Honey!
On Sunday we had dinner at Nate's parents house and we got to talk to Josh (Nate's little borther) who is in Brazil on his mission right now. Here are some cute pictures of Lannaea with the Schooley's.
Pictures from top to bottom: Grandma Schooley and Lannaea, Me and Lannaea, Aunt Pat and Lannaea, Nate, his brother Mike and Trong (a close friend fo ours), Grandma Schooley and Aunt Meghan.

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