Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So as most of you know it was my birthday on the 19th and it was a wonderful birthday for many reasons... #1 I have a wonderful husband whom I love and whom I am so grateful to be married to. #2 I have a beautiful baby girl that is growing 100 mph! #3 I have a wonderful family that cares for me and is there to support me. Last but not least, I have amazing friends that are always there for me and whom I have shared many amazing and fun experiences.

The day started with Nate giving me my birthday presents which were a new blackberry storm phone :), a tinkerbell necklace, a blue topaz bracelet and a diamond journey pendant. He spoiled me so much! I love it! Later that morning my mom dropped off some roses along with a bouquet of balloons. Later on Grandma Schooley babysat for us and we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and ended the night watching, "The Proposal." If you have not seen it I highly recomend it!

On Saturday we went bowling with some friends and afterwards went out for shakes at Iceberg. I think the best part of that was the fruit cake from the bakery! I love that cake! It's a tough call between that one and the Tres Leches cake :) Thanks so much guys!

On Sunday we went over to Grandma Reyes's house and they had a delicious birthday dinner and a Snicker's cake. Yum! My mother game me a way cute black purse and a flower necklace and my sister Angie gave me a headset and a phone cover for my new phone. It was an awesome birthday!

P.S.I just thought I'd throw in a picture of Lannaea "helping" mommy do the laundry. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kisses for Mommy

So last night as I was getting Lannea ready for bed she decided to get all wired up, like she often does to avoid being put to bed. Anyhow, as I was holding her to get ready to feed her she stood up on my lap and leaned into me and gave me a huge hug, followed my a slobbery kiss! It wasn't a full on kiss but instead she just stuck her tongue out and put her mouth against my cheeck in a kissing motion. She did that several times and each time with a huge grin on her face. I then walked upstairs to her room to finish feeding her and as she was sitting on my lap she leaned into my arm and started giving me rasberries! How in the heck!! I ususally give her raberries on her belly as I am changing her diaper but I never thought she would think to do the same thing back to me. I could not stop laughing! I love Lannaea so much and I am so grateful to have her in my life. It's amazing how fast she is growing and learning. She definitely fills Nate's and my life with joy.

First mother's day

After we got back from the Zoo, Nate and I took our mothers out to dinner as their mother's day present. Nate gave me the best mother's day present! A picture key chain that holds up to 60 digital pictures displayed on a slide show mode. I love it! I filled it up with pictures of our family and I look at it all day at work. Thanks Honey!
On Sunday we had dinner at Nate's parents house and we got to talk to Josh (Nate's little borther) who is in Brazil on his mission right now. Here are some cute pictures of Lannaea with the Schooley's.
Pictures from top to bottom: Grandma Schooley and Lannaea, Me and Lannaea, Aunt Pat and Lannaea, Nate, his brother Mike and Trong (a close friend fo ours), Grandma Schooley and Aunt Meghan.

Fun at the zoo!

Sorry its ben a while since I have posted new pictures! It has been kinda crazy lately with me switching jobs and all. Although this posting is a little late I still wanted to put it up. This was our mother's day outing activity. We went to the Zoo with some friends and it seems all of our kids were definitely a bit too young to appreciate the animals. They spent half the time asleep and the other half enteratining themselves with their blankets. But the parents still had fun! :)