Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So as most of you know it was my birthday on the 19th and it was a wonderful birthday for many reasons... #1 I have a wonderful husband whom I love and whom I am so grateful to be married to. #2 I have a beautiful baby girl that is growing 100 mph! #3 I have a wonderful family that cares for me and is there to support me. Last but not least, I have amazing friends that are always there for me and whom I have shared many amazing and fun experiences.

The day started with Nate giving me my birthday presents which were a new blackberry storm phone :), a tinkerbell necklace, a blue topaz bracelet and a diamond journey pendant. He spoiled me so much! I love it! Later that morning my mom dropped off some roses along with a bouquet of balloons. Later on Grandma Schooley babysat for us and we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and ended the night watching, "The Proposal." If you have not seen it I highly recomend it!

On Saturday we went bowling with some friends and afterwards went out for shakes at Iceberg. I think the best part of that was the fruit cake from the bakery! I love that cake! It's a tough call between that one and the Tres Leches cake :) Thanks so much guys!

On Sunday we went over to Grandma Reyes's house and they had a delicious birthday dinner and a Snicker's cake. Yum! My mother game me a way cute black purse and a flower necklace and my sister Angie gave me a headset and a phone cover for my new phone. It was an awesome birthday!

P.S.I just thought I'd throw in a picture of Lannaea "helping" mommy do the laundry. :)


Webster Family said...

ana, how fun! I hope you had an awesome and happy birthday!!! Sorry for the lateness!

Trevor-Jessica Summerhays said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great birthday!

Leah and Alex said...

Ana, I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful B-Day and that Nate took good care of you. You deserve it!!!