Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Love

Much to father's dismay, Lannaea seems to already have developed her flirting skills along with her attraction to boys. It may look like he enjoys this, but deep inside he is thinking to himself 'this shouldn't be happening for at least 16 more years!!!' It's either that or these two cute little kids find each other very interesting and just happened to hold hands several times. How cute!!!

Baby and Daddy working at the computer

Mommy thinks it's funny to put baby on his shoulders while he is working "extremely hard" Saturday morning...Lannaea just looks like she is super confused and wants to get down from there as soon as possible!

4 Months old!

Lannaea is 4 months old now!
She had her doctors appointment on March 26th
She is 26" long, 14 lbs, and took the shots like a champ!
She is in the 97th percentile for her heighth and she definitely
doesn't get it from her mom! She is outgrowing her outfits like crazy... she now fits in the 6-9 month clothes!
She can walk, do cartwheels, juggle, do handstands, and
can say a few words like idiosyncratic, discombobulated, and a few
other basic words here and there...ok, not really, but she loves making noises and fluxuates her tones up and down all the time, she is definitely maybe going to be a singer!

Bath time!

Lannaea is getting so big! She looks so cute in her little towel after her bath!